2023 Premiers

Hawks News: 2023 Premiers

Congratulations Year 8 Boys!!

The Grand Final battle between Year 8 AMPJFC Hawks and Kardinya was one for the ages. The first quarter was fierce and even across the ground with both teams holding up strong in defence to make scoring difficult. At the first changeover, AMPJFC Hawks had 2 scoring shots, resulting in 2 points and the more accurate Kardinya holding the lead with one scoring shot and a goal. The crowd were holding their breath to see which way the momentum would fall in the 2nd term. It was a game of inches though, with intense pressure around the ball. The Hawks gradually pulling back the lead, to forge ahead at the half time break. 2.4.16 to 2.1.13. The stage was set for an epic 2nd half. The 3rd quarter saw several lead changes, with Kardinya firing the first shot of the quarter to take the lead. The game was in the balance as each team took it up a notch, both adding a couple of goals to their total and finishing the term with AMPJFC 5.4.34 to 4.2.26. The game was still up for grabs at 3/4 time and the very warm conditions, making it a tough game. Did the boys have enough left in the tank to run out the game? The crowd nervously awaited to see how the boys would emerge from their 3/4 time huddle. It didn’t take long for the AMPJFC supporters to find out. The Year 8 Hawks took control of the match from the outset of the 4th, with the boys finding another gear! The whole team rose to the occasion, putting on a masterclass of skill and adding another 6 goals 3 in the final term and restricting Kardinya to 2 points. Final score AMPJFC 11.7.73 to Kardinya 4.4.28. Congratulations Year 8 Hawks on winning the 2023 Premiership and congratulations to Coaches Leon Guthrie and Ryan Keys for creating a strong and competitive team. Congratulations to Kheenan Ward who kicked 4 goals for the game and took out the MVP for the match!!

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