It is the vision of the Applecross Mount Pleasant Junior Football Club (AMPJFC) to:

“Achieve individualised progression in a player’s football development while using Australian Rules Football as the vehicle for assisting in their personal development, with an emphasis on player enjoyment and retention.”

As a member of the East Fremantle District Football Development Council we are committed to the policies of the West Australian Regional Junior Football Board and the West Australian Football Development Trust in their role to promote football in Western Australia. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Enjoyment through mass participation.
  2. The development of a positive attitude toward football (including a healthy moral, mental and emotional development).
  3. The learning of skills for participation in later life, at either recreational or professional level.

Club Culture

The AMPJFC is committed to creating a club culture by: “Establishing and fostering an environment conducive to individual, family and community enjoyment through active involvement and participation in an atmosphere which promotes healthy physical, moral and emotional development.” The AJFC is a community resource committed to providing for the needs of our youth, their families and the wider community.

It truly is “The Family Club.


Constitution of the Applecross Mount Pleasant Junior Football Club.

The Constitution of the AMPJFC lays out how the club operates, and includes:

  • Purpose of the Club
  • Membership categories
  • Fees
  • Voting Rights
  • Committee – roles, duties, sub-committees
  • Club Person of the Year
  • AGM
  • Accounts

Download the Constitution.