Applecross Mount Pleasant Hawks Club Song

Brothers in arms we stand
We moved the ball from end to end
By foot, with speed & hand
We HUNTED like a tiger
We SWOOPED like a hawk
We backed each other up today
With lots and lots of talk
So…WHO smashed the packs today?
The kids from Applecross!!
Heads down bums up win draw or loss
One’s for all and alls for one
There’ll be no coaches pet
Applecross hawks will never take a backward step Sing!
We’re a happy team at AP-PLE – CROSS!!
We’re the mighty fighting hawks!
We love our club and we play to WIN!
Riding the bumps with a grin at GAIR-LOCH….
(or Strickland in place of Gair-loch) DID WE WIN?…………… We BLITZED it in!
And how did we do it?

Club song at 2019 Jumper Presentation Night