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Gihan Cooray, Year 3 Gold

Name: Gihan Cooray

1.How long have you been coaching footy for at AMPJFC and other clubs?

This is my 4th year, 1st as Junior Footy Coach after 3 years of Auskick

2. Did you play footy yourself as a youngster? If so who for and what age till.

Played a lot with friends but I didn’t play for a club as I mainly played basketball.

3. Who was your best coach when you played? Why? 

High school basketball coach who stressed the importance of learning the fundamentals and doing them well. 

4. What children and teams do you have at AMPJFC?

Two sons, Ryder in year 3 who I coach and Jordy in year 1 Auskick where I help as assistant coach.

4. What age groups have you coached?

PP to Year 3

5. What got you into coaching?

Always had a passion for learning, teaching and coaching and seeing improvement and development in all facets of life. Also just wanted to help and be involved in my 2 sons sporting development and the pride on their faces when you are coaching is priceless.

6. What do you enjoy about coaching?

The skill development and improvement that you witness week in week out. This not only brings a smile to my face, I can see how proud a kid is when they do a great kick, handball or mark that helps their team.

7. What are some stand out moments as a coach?

Just had our first game of Junior footy and witnessing the skills first hand in their first real game of footy was a special moment. Seeing them play as a team while witnessing some high flying marks, amazing snap goals but also doing the basics we train was very rewarding.

8. What is your focus for the team this year?

To further develop my team’s fundamental skills (kicking, handballing and marking) while also teaching them more in game skills such as leading to the ball, spacing and keeping to your ‘lines’ on the field.

9. What is your catch phrase that you always say to your players? eg words of wisdom, inspirational message etc

Lets just have some fun, play as team and hit our targets!

10. What AFL Team do you barrack for?

West Coast Eagles – been to their last 4 grand finals and hoping for another visit this year. 

Thanks, Gihan

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