Coach In Focus – Greg Martin Year 6 Brown

Hawks News: Coach In Focus – Greg Martin Year 6 Brown

Meet Our Year 6 Brown Coach Greg Martin

Greg Martin is an active member of the AMPJFC, he’s just one of those parents at the Club that just likes to help out. As well as coaching last year, Greg served on the AMPJFC Committee, taking on the enormous role of Canteen Manager. Work commitments have curtailed this role, but Greg remains dedicated to his role as one of our junior coaches for his son’s team.

Name: Gregory Martin

1.How long have you been coaching footy for at AMPJFC and other clubs?


2. Did you play footy yourself as a youngster. If so who for and what age till.

Yes, I lived for football as a young boy and through my adolescence. I was fortunate enough to play in three district grand finals, under12’s for Mary’s Mount, under 13’s for the Kalamunda football club and under 16’s for Mazenod College. I was also fortunate enough to play alongside champions like Phil Narkle and Gary Sidebottom at Swan Districts. My aspirations to play VFL came to an abrupt holt when Gary Sidebottom broke 3 vertebrae in my neck in a training accident. I finished off my football playing days for the Toodyay football club living a dream by playing with Stephen Michael who was captain/coach and Jack Kay.

3. Who was your best coach when you played? Why?

My under 13’s coach Wayne Jolley for the Kalamunda Football Club, who took the team to the grand final which we won by 15 points. No Bias but he gave me BOG that day.

WHY? – Playing for our school teams in primary school and then moving to a district team meant the team had never played together. Wayne with his assistant, Mr Taylor bought the team together by insisting on inclusiveness and we were only as good as our weakest player. 

The training was well organized and structured. The most professional that I would experience as a footballer.  We truly trained as we played. With game day simulations and strategy, a focus.

4. What children and teams do you have at AMPJFC?

Zac Martin,  Yr 6 Brown

Thomas Martin,  Yr 9 

4. What age groups have you coached?

16’s, 5’s and now the 6’s

5. What got you into coaching?

Mazenod College and my children

6. What do you enjoy about coaching?

Seeing the boys trying/doing their best. Their respect and gratitude

7. What are some stand out moments as a coach?

Watching the team develop last year with the help of Dom Macri, Nick Jarvis and Chris Middleton.

Taking the team to the movies etc and seeing them bond as a team. 

Our last game of football, last year was also a highlight. Watching the boys play real football, running past for the handball, tackling, running 30m to help a team mate, leading, taking great marks kicking some brilliant goals and most of all playing for each other as a team. We ended up winning the game by 4 goals to a team that beat us by 50 points in the first game of the year. Our last game was our best game of the year. But it was not that we won, it was how the boys played for each other that blew all the parents away. Afterwards we all went down to Clancy’s and had a great lunch and celebrated the boy’s fine year.

8. What is your focus for the team this year?

To create an environment so the boys want to play for each other and never give up.

Developing the boys’ football skills so they can play in all positions as the two teams will join together next year.

9. What is your catch phrase that you always say to your players eg words of wisdom, inspirational message etc

Our motto is: We get to the ball first. We want the ball more than the player next to us. Help each other at all times. We are a great team not a group of individuals.

10. What AFL Team do you barrack for?

The only team worth going for. The mighty Dockers

Assistant Coach Dom says: “Greg is a coach whose number one priority is providing a fun, engaging and caring environment to help the boys improve their footy skills and instil good team values not only on the field but also in the boys everyday life.

Gina says: “Great coach. Encouraging, fun and fair.”

Mel says: “Good on you coach Greg!! Luke thinks you’re great!!”

Another parent says: “He’s awesome, our boys absolutely love him!”

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