Coach In Focus ~ Todd Paterson

Hawks News: Coach In Focus ~ Todd Paterson

Meet Year 1 Blue Coach Todd Paterson

Todd is one of those great team players who likes to get in and contribute. Along with his coaching role, Todd also serves as a valuable member of the AMPJFC committee and was instrumental in setting up the Auskick 2.0 program, taking the lead until the appointment of our current Auskick coordinator Danielle prior to the start of the season.

1.How long have you been coaching footy for at AMPJFC and other clubs?

4 years at AMPJFC, as assistant coach and coach.

2. Did you play footy yourself as a youngster. If so who for and what age till.

I played junior footy from the age of 5 for the Saints (St Brigid’s Primary School) in Lesmurdie, until I was 12. We played some really good clubs that were both skilled and physically tough. I then code swapped to rugby union when I went to Aquinas, where I used my footy skills to be the team kicker.

3. Who was your best coach when you played? Why? 

Mr Von Bergheim was the coach that influenced me the most from when I was about 9-12. I think he brought calm discipline to our team. He knew how to talk with us as individuals and guide us as a team. He encouraged us to work together and to support each other. Communication on and off the field was a strong point and as a result we gelled really well together as a team.

4. What children and teams do you have at AMPJFC?

Jet is in Auskick Year 1 Blue, whom I Coach.

Max is in Year 3 Gold. I help out as an assistant coach.

4. What age groups have you coached?

Coaching Pre-Primary to Year 1. 

Assistant coach Pre-Primary to Year 3.

5. What got you into coaching?

4 years ago I could see Chris Bates needed a hand herding the cats in Pre-Primary Auskick, and I offered to help out whenever he needed me too. It all started from there. Last year the club was looking for a coach for Pre-Primary so I put my hand up.

6. What do you enjoy about coaching?

I love seeing the children grow in confidence. One week they may get frustrated with themselves not being able to do a certain skill. With some personal encouragement and focus on a particular area, a small improvement can make a huge difference to a child’s overall confidence and performance.

Coaching has a lot of rewards, it has taught me a lot and I apply those learnings to everyday life.

Spending time with my children and seeing them have fun with their mates is really enjoyable.

7. What are some stand out moments as a coach?

For Auskick it’s when you see something click in a child’s mind where they finally overcome a skill like kicking. The feedback is instant because you can see a big smile across their face.

In their games, when the children encourage each other and work together they see how teamwork creates results.

8. What is your focus for the team this year?

In Year 1 we are keeping it simple. We are developing skills, learning the basics of the game, developing a team culture and having lots of fun.

9. What is your catch phrase that you always say to your players eg words of wisdom, inspirational message etc

I don’t really have any catch phrase, however I do like Don Bradman’s “Keep your eye on the ball”. It is relevant to most ball sports.

10. What AFL Team do you barrack for?

Proud member of the mighty West Coast Eagles.

What Adam says: “Todd is an inspiring leader who is great at attracting and keeping the attention of the young Auskickers. He’s a very focused coach that works hard to develop our Auskicker’s skills whilst also engaging our support team and parents on ground. It’s been insightful working with Todd during this season and our entire group are very grateful to have him on as our head coach”.

What Danielle says: “Todd is as committed as they come. He’s our go to guy for all things Auskick 2.0, the first to arrive for set-up each week and he was the best dressed 6 foot plus Superman we’ve ever seen! Known for his pre-game rev-ups, he makes an excellent role model for the Year 1 Blue team.”  

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