Meet the Committee

Hawks News: Meet the Committee

This Week- Club Secretary Jess Davey

Name: Jess Davey

Position on Committee:

Club Secretary

Why did you decide to join the committee?

I decided to join the committee last year with a girlfriend, Kristi Bates, who was also joining the committee as the Auskick Co-ordinator for 2018. I believe it’s important to get involved and be a part of the community.

Kids at AMPJFC and Year levels, including children who used to play:

I have Jack Davey (8yrs) who is in Yr 3 Gold with Coach Chris Bates and Farah Davey (5yrs) who is in Auskick Pre Primary with Coach Andrew Stephens.

How long have you been at the Club?

This is our 4th year, Jack started Auskick Pre-Primary in 2016.

How long have you served on the Committee?

This is my second year in the Secretary role with the AMPJFC. I really enjoy working with the entire committee and in particular with Sheldon and Petra, both of whom are extremely organised and dedicated. 

Other roles at the Club and length of time served?

No other roles at this stage…give me time 😜

What AFL Club do you follow?

I live in a very divided household. My Dad, Trev, barracks for the Dockers. My husband, Luke, and mother in law, Toni, are one eyed Eagles supporters (so one eyed, I think between them they are sharing that one eye). Farah barracks for the Tigers (her fave animal). And Jack generally has no idea what day it is, never mind who is playing.  

I like to support the WAFL and follow The Sharks. I often take kids along to these games and enjoy how laid back it is. There’s always plenty of space for them to run around, the Colts come out at half time and kick the footy on the oval with them. It’s a great atmosphere for them! 

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