Meet the Committee

Hawks News: Meet the Committee

This Week : Coach Coordinator Chris Bates

Position on Committee:

Coach Coordinator – I help coaches with their team planning at the start of the year and am first point of contact with the district regarding coaching initiatives and queries.

Why did you decide to join the committee?

I am passionate about coaching and wanted to share my experience and ideas with our coaches. My view (shared by the club) is that quality coaching is key to the development and enjoyment of our players and is pivotal to building a strong club.

Kids at AMPJFC and Year levels:

My son Zac is in our year 3 Gold team 

How long have you been at the Club?

This is our 4th year at the club, after 3 years of Auskick

How long have you served on the Committee?

Just this year

Other roles at the Club and length of time served?

I am the coach of the year 3 gold team and coached this group through Auskick as well

What AFL Club do you follow?


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