Meet The Committee

Hawks News: Meet The Committee

Meet our Club Registrar Tamara Brooker

Name: Tamara Brooker

Position on Committee:

I am the club registrar. This involves helping our families register for the season, completing player transfers, working with the coaches and managers to set up the teams and ensure each week that the right team sheets and scores are captured in the Districts system, plus answering any general queries! 

Why did you decide to join the committee?

I’m fortunate to have my 3 children playing with the Hawks and when the committee were short the registrar, I didn’t run away fast enough! Seriously, it’s a great family club that thrives, like all community sport, on the back of the efforts of parents and volunteers. The committee are also a great group of dedicated folks.

Kids at AMPJFC and Year levels:

I have Aidan in the Year 10 Team, Luke in Yr 7 and Charlotte in Auskick.

How long have you been at the Club?

We’ve been at the club for 7 years.

How long have you served on the Committee?

It’s my first year as Club Registrar. 

Other roles at the Club and length of time served?

I was the Auskick registrar a few years ago for 3 years.

What AFL Club do you follow?


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