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Hawks News: Meet the Committee

Meet Auskick Coordinator Danielle Priestly

Danielle comes from a strong basketball background, playing in the Women’s State Basketball League (WSBL) with the Willetton Tigers from 17-29, retiring in 2010. Danielle also comes from an Applecross Hawk’s Pedigree background with a family lineage playing for our great Club and with 3 children in toe, she is sure to continue the tradition.

Name: Danielle Priestly

Position on Committee:

Auskick Coordinator

Why did you decide to join the committee?

Watching family play over the years, I’ve always loved the atmosphere down at a footy oval on a weekend. I couldn’t wait for my kids to start playing and I really enjoy being able to contribute where I can at the club to help make sport fun and a positive experience for all the kids!

Kids at AMPJFC and Year levels:

My son Logan is playing in the Auskick Year 1 Red Team!

How long have you been at the Club?

Two years officially but my family have been involved with the Hawks since my dad played 180(ish) Senior games (he won two association Fairest and Bests!) Both my younger brother and sister played their juniors here as well with dad coaching and representing the club at the East Freo Development Committee. So I have been around the club for a while!

What’s your Dad’s name? Jim Priestly
What years did he play?1972 – 1985 (except 1975 as he was in Tasmania) for Applecross Hawks. He was Captain-Coach in 1976.
What position did he play? Centre or Centre Half Back
What age did he play till? 35-36 years old (lots of injuries throughout career!) He won the Fairest & Best for the WHOLE of the West Australian Football Association (WAFA) in 1974  (only played half the year due to injuries too), and he was runner-up in 1977. He also won the ‘Sports Review Fairest & Best’ in 1974 and was the ‘6PR Fairest & Best Runner-Up’ in 1979 for the whole association.

When did he coach and what team? He coached my brother’s team (James Priestly) when he was around Year 6 & 7 which would 1997 & 1998. Your brother’s and sister’s names and when were they playing? What years? James Priestly played throughout Primary School for the Hawks (1992 to 1998) and then transferred to Karoonda (Booragoon) as there was no Hawk’s team for his age group. 
Taryn Priestly played for all of Primary School as well (1995 to 2001) but had to stop playing because girls weren’t allowed to play in the league post 12 years old. More recently in 2017, she was in the original Fremantle Dockers Team but unfortunately had a torn calf and missed the whole short 8 week season. She is now training with West Coast!

How long have you served on the Committee?

This is my first year and I’m loving working with such a great team!

Other roles at the Club and length of time served?

When Logan started Auskick in Pre-Primary last year, I put my hand up for Team Manager and after leaving that role for someone else to have a turn this season, my role somehow evolved into the Auskick Coordinator!

What AFL Club do you follow?

The West Coast Eagles!!

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