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Hawks News: Meet The Committee

General Committee Member Keith Daddow

Meet our one and only Keith “Everywhere” Daddow. Keith has a great ‘can do’ attitude and is involved in all aspects of Club life. In 2018 Keith was the recipient of Senior Club Person of the Year to recognise his valuable contributions to our Club. What would we do without you Keith!!!

Current Position on Committee- “Spare man in defence- see job-do job” also run the bar at functions.

Why did you join the committee?

I like to make a contribution and get involved and I’m not one that can ever sit back- whatever it is. 

The club was in financial strife a few years ago and the call went out. I thought I had something to offer and stuck my hand up.

It’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of the clubs success and some very firm friendships have been created through our committee work. 

Kids at the Club

My youngest son Hunter is in Year six and has already chalked up 57 games.

My daughter Bronte played for the hawks when we were trying to establish a girls team.

My oldest son Big Sammy has played 84 games for the Hawks so far and we hope to be part of a 11/12 team next year which has been a long time since the club went all the way.

How long have you been at the club?

The Daddow’s arrived at the club in 2013 so this is our sixth year.

How long have you been on the committee?

I’ve been on the committee for four years

What other roles have you had at the club?

I coached for three years Hunter’s team from Auskick to year three, I’ve been runner for several years with Samuel’s team . Currently coming off a football training injury which has had me out for 8 weeks but I am getting ready to start running the water again. I’d still love to be coaching but live in Katanning during the week and logistically can’t.

I’ve ran the club Merchandise for a couple of years, and now run the bar.

I’ve been MC at the last two major functions being the Quiz night. Probably other things- see job do job 😊 I couldn’t really imagine not being on the committee.

What AFL club do you support?

I’m an Eagles man and have followed my beloved Swan Districts since the 70’s

Proudest moments at the club

Watching the Hawks boys play in three grand finals

Watching my boys both play up to help other teams each year.

Being the current ‘Club Person of the Year’ and sharing the stage with my son Big Sammy who is also current ‘Junior Clubman of the Year’

MC’ing the major fund raiser of the year.

Kicking three ‘snags’ in last years Dad’s V Lads game in which the dads finally won. A massive black eye was worn as a badge of honour that indeed I still have it 😊

Me playing Centre Half Back in 1988 with the North Albany Kangaroo’s V South Mt Barker.

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