Meet the Committee

Hawks News: Meet the Committee

This Week : President Sheldon Brady

Position on Committee: Club President: My role is to make sure everything is running smooth 

What Year does your child play in with AMPJFC? My son Brooklyn is in the Year 6 Gold Team

Why did you decide to join the committee? Football gave me so much joy when I was a kid, I had great parents that supported my football dreams so I wanted to return the favor to my son and in the meantime give back to the community 

Football History: Played most of my junior football for High Wycombe Bulldogs 

Played my senior football at Swan Districts and South Fremantle    

John Todd had the most influence on me throughout my football life (he was a hard man but fair a man) 

How long have you been at the Club? This is my 5th year at the club 

How long have you served on the Committee? 12 months 

Other roles at the Club and length of time served 3 Years as Assistant Coach to Craig Treleven. Current Team : Year 6 Gold   

What AFL Team do you support? 2nd on the ladder Dockers!!!!

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