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Year 10

Round 2: AMPJFC 15.10.100 d Attadale 2.6.18

Sundays game against Attadale was a very solid effort that saw all players contribute in a way that was very pleasing to watch. Brad and I were very happy with the level of control and as Brad requested pre game, the care taken to maintain possession of the ball.

You certainly could not have asked for better conditions to play football in with the bench even spoilt with some back ground tunes which come to think of it must have been loud and clear on the oval as well going by how Geoffrey and the 2 Josh’s danced around the opposition. Jules self-subbed with a slight concussion which then saw the backline rally the troops fantastically to fill the massive hole that he fills with his attack on the ball.

Big kudos to the boys for the way they ignored all the off the ball heat that comes with all cross town derby’s to punish on the scoreboard as retaliation instead of the other option. A few niggling injuries occurred but in general the team has pulled through well and now can focus on Friday Nights Blockbuster V Collingwood…..Oops sorry Kelmscott under lights @ John Dunn Memorial Oval which is a fantastic venue that will suit a running game with lots of space to further work on our possession game.

Thanks heaps to Loretta for setting up the fabulous Mothers Day rose ceremony and the brilliant recordings of how the boys like eating and being driven around.

And thanks to the supporters as it’s the screams and cheers from the boundary line that the team hears and that’s the best kind of fuel there is.

Go Hawkes.

Matt J

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