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Applecross Year 7 Match Report – Round 6 v Bull Creek Leeming

It was a cold, but sunny morning down at Shirley Strickland, which meant the ground was quite wet and we all knew it would be a slippery day, and not necessarily one for flashy skills. Our opponent this week was Bull Creek Leeming, and we didn’t know much about them, as our Year 7 Applecross team had just been elevated to the top division and were now playing in the East Fremantle Year 7 North competition. It did feel a bit daunting for the boys, but they were ready to take on the challenge.

The first quarter saw Bull Creek Leeming jump off to a quick start, but we were slow to the ball, meaning we didn’t get first use. Our backline held up well, with Xavier and Ostin repelling attack consistently, however, Bull Creek walled up well through the centre of the ground to create repeat entries and we were down by a couple of goals at quarter time.

Quarter two, and we picked up our game, starting to get the ball first. We kept our players on their lines meaning better man on man competing. Crix, Dequinn and Nayshaun pushed hard for us in the quarter, driving the footy into attack on multiple occasions, and we went into half time only one goal down.

In the third quarter we made a few structural changes to give some of the boys a rest who had been working hard across the centre, but it seemed we had tired, and looked a bit lazy, not helping each other around the ball or pushing across to support players who were one out against 3 or 4 from the opposition. We ended the quarter 13 points behind Bull Creek Leeming and struggling to see how we could make up the difference.

Final quarter, we moved Dequane back into the ruck and James and Crix onto the ball, and in doing so managed to take all of the centre bounce advantage to propel us forward into attack. Addison started look lively at full forward, even with a sore knee sustained in the warm-up, and Nayshaun continued to win the ball out on the wing. With 4 minutes to go in the game, a snap out of the pack and Applecross draws level. The boys had really dug deep, but there was still more to do. 95% of the final few minutes were spent in our attacking zone, but Bull Creek defended well and we could not manage that one elusive point.

All in all it was a great game, and one the Year 7 boys should be proud of. The parents loved the spectacle, and I guess at the end of it all both sides felt they had a result, even though it was a draw.

Bill Barker, Assistant Coach

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