Team In Focus ~ Year 6 Brown

Hawks News: Team In Focus ~ Year 6 Brown

Weekend Match Report

12th May AMPJFC v Melville @ Gairloch

Mother’s Day 2019 will be one to remember for our boys and mums. The boys lead an initiative to do something special for their mums before the game to celebrate motherhood and to give themselves a chance to say thank you with a point of difference.

The mums joined us in the club rooms 15 min before the game. They were given a small gift and I said a few words about the correlation between motherhood and how we want to play as a team.

Jackie Wong the mother of Oliver was kind enough to speak to the boys and tell them what it meant to be a mother and the love that mums have for their children.

Jackie’s words were inspirational (covering day to day tasks, commitment and unconditional love) and I thank her for making the effort to talk to the boys from the heart. Amazing!!

 We then played Eye Of The Tiger as loud as possible, jeered the boys up and led by our Captain Aaron Alexander the boys ran out onto the ground with their mums through the Applecross Banner to the delight of the paparazzi and cheering supporters

We played the Melville Hawks at Gairloch. 

We have been practicing our leading towards the ball carrier and support running through for handballs this week and the boys put this into practice during the game. The team had a stella first quarter dominating play with forward pressure and great defensive work. Unfortunately we did not convert our efforts on the score board and kicked 1 goal 6 points in the first quarter. We continued to play well in the second quarter running the ball from defence into attack, tackling, chasing as hard as possible and supporting our team mates. There was some superb marking on display and several great acts of courage shown, with boys throwing themselves into the packs and marking contests. 

The boys put on a great performance and ran themselves to exhaustion but having no subs on the bench eventually took its toll half way through the third and last quarter. Even though the boys were spent, they never gave up and if we had the bounce of the ball a couple of times, we could have kicked a couple more goals in the last. 

In the end we went down by 24 points but the boys certainly made their Mums proud.

Coach Greg Martin

Pre Match on Mothers’ Day

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