Team In Focus ~ Year 5

Hawks News: Team In Focus ~ Year 5

Weekend Match Day Report

Sunday 19 May AMPJFC Year 5 v Winnacott @ Gairloch

It was a glorious day for footy for our first home game of the season after starting the season with two away games against Canning Vale and Attadale.

Out of a squad of 22 players we had 17 available. As Winnacott only had 12 players we had a couple of Hawks play for them each quarter and the boys must be commended as they did so in great spirits.

Our focus during our Wednesday night training session this week was learning to play a position. The defenders worked on staying shoulder to shoulder and goal-side of their player while the forwards worked on playing in front and leading to space. The team really took it onboard and applied it during the game.

Another area that we are working on is being first to the ball. This worked really well for us as the footy was in our forward half for most of the first two quarters. 

Winnacott did a bit of attacking in the second half but our defenders continued to work hard at repelling the ball.

There were plenty of highlights for the crowd with some great transitions from defence to attack, some players having a run and bounce, a few inspirational chase and tackles, and plenty of gutsy efforts.

It was a sensational effort by the whole team and the boys should be really proud of their development so far this season. They all deserved to sing the song loud and proud in the rooms after the game!

Coach Kelvin Grace

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