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Year 6

Great work by volunteers and the Year 6 boys over the past two weekends. It has been a late start to the season, but now everyone is into the full swing of things!

I am really impressed by how Year 6 has played as a team and their skillsets have improved from where we finished last year. For training I have been working on using teammates to help the ball down the ground and getting first use by using the right body technique and not reaching but using the body in strong. I’ll continue to work on the teams fitness and basic skills but really impressed with the work rate especially with the little preparation that they got this year.

Scorers so far this season have included Aaron, Addison, Crix, West, Leo, Connor, Hudson, Adam, Xavier, James and Tyler (11 of 16!!), but the team effort contributing to the goals has been amazing. As always Applecross has shown great sportsmanship and the even up rule is working well. Well done to all and those boys who have played for the other team (almost everyone) and took it in their stride.

The focus for this season is to get them playing well as a team and in doing so, gives great results. Chris Bates training session in our (limited) pre-season was fantastic. The boys are transferring the skills they learnt into training and the games. Our next few matches are against tougher opponents and will be a great test to where our team is at.

Our Team Manager, Mike Burych has stepped into the role with plenty of vigour and made the coaches job very easy. Our Parents have been great in volunteering and showing some real strong support from the sidelines. Thanks to Mike and the Mum’s and Dad’s that get down to training and help out on game day.

Coach Kelvin Grace

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