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Hawks News: Team In Focus Auskick PrePrimary

Game Day Report

Mini Carnival- Pre Primary v Year 1’s

Pre Primary Auskick were split into 3 teams. We grouped them with their school mates for the carnival so they got a chance to play alongside each other. The idea was that each team got to play against the Year 1’s and the other 2 games they played against each other

Some of the coaches were nervous that this idea may back fire and that the Pre Primary kids would walk away with their tail between their legs……..not the case!!

The first team, led by team captain Luke, weren’t intimidated in the slightest. The determination to attack the footy was seen by all and the weight of numbers around the ball made it an entertaining game of football.

The Year 1’s had the extra element of class and skill but the PP’s took it up to them and both teams were scoring well. Very close result!

The second PP team was led by Team Captain Patrick and they were up against a very good outfit. The skill level of the Year 1’s (particular some twins that knew how to play) had the PP’s on the back foot early. They knew they had to get in and fight and that’s what they did. The PP’s started to get their hands on the ball and were making space for each other. Some excellent passages of play from both teams made for another entertaining game and parents were really getting involved. This was a cracking game and we were very proud of our PP’s.

The third PP team started slowly and were a little hesitant as first but team captain Cayl decided he would take it upon himself to set the standard. Soon the team fired up and we had a contest on our hands. The Year 1’s had some very good players and were out to prove a point but PP’s weren’t going to let them have it all their own way. As the confidence grew, the PP’s started to kick some goals. They worked together and started being first to the ball. Again, we were very proud of our team!

The learnings for our PP’s was huge and it was a great look into where we should see our players for next year. All teams played in the spirit of the game and to see just how far our players have come from the start of the season was so exciting. I am loving the determination and skill development.

Bring on the Year 2’s!!!

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